1. About me and this tumble-log

    Juan Carlos portrait


    This is me and this is my “tumblr” as they call it.

    I’m a photographer from Austin, Texas and I’m using this site to post my photos daily, whether I’ve taken them that day or have pulled them from my archives. All the photographs I post are mine. If they aren’t, I will always credit the photographer or creator (which is very easy to do by “reblogging” here on tumblr).

    Most photos come through the coolest photo app ever which is instagram, but not all are processed through it, the app just makes it very easy to cross-post to Twitter and here. Obviously, they will be cropped square unless I post from my In Medias Res photography website.

    Oh yes, I do take photos for real and you can follow these links to find out more about our wedding packages or glamour photography in Austin, Texas.

    You will mostly see photos of weddings, portraits and glamour, peppered with photos of bullfights, places I’ve been, things that interest me and of my family. 

    I will also post and reblog whatever I find funny. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan, for example, and there is always something cool being created every instant about that.

    If you’d like to see more, come on over to my facebook page (there are great deals for fans), follow me on twitter, or go directly to the source for more photography than you can shake your fist at.

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